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With no additional hardware or impact on register time, retailers will see numerous benefits from this simple integration.

  • Simple Integration
  • Won’t slow register times
  • Mitigates fraud
  • Consumer coupon activation for order online pick-up in store
  • Digital coupon solution for e-commerce / home delivery
  • Speed up clearing reconciliation
  • Does NOT compete with loyalty
  • No basket data shared
  • Enables GTIN level validation
  • In-store promotions capabilities


By mitigating fraud, manufacturers can now confidently promote offers with serialized, intelligent distribution.

  • True digital solution
  • Retailer agnostic offers
  • Enables R/T targeting/ distribution
  • Mitigates fraud
  • Enables GTIN level validation


With more data and greater distribution capabilities, providers will be able to leverage their existing platforms more effectively.

  • Simple API connectivity
  • New product offering:
  • More data (real time redemption data)
  • Enhanced distribution capabilities:
  • Retailer agnostic mobile coupons
  • Fraud proof P@H / printed coupons
  • In-store campaigns
  • Text campaigns


Clearinghouses will see lowered costs and faster clearing.

  • Mitigates fraud
  • Quicker clearing/ redemption data
  • Lowers reconciliation costs by not moving paper
  • Simple API connectivity


C-stores will have access to new coupon content that does not compete with loyalty.

  • Simple API connectivity
  • Does NOT compete with loyalty
  • Makes new coupon content available
  • Simplification of clearing
  • Uses promotional dollars not currently accessible by C-stores

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