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As an open-market, non-profit entity, The Coupon Bureau brings together all thought leaders in the coupon ecosystem. TCB relies on industry experts to bring concepts, technical suggestions, and leadership to the organization. There are many ways for participants to engage with The Coupon Bureau.


The Coupon Bureau is currently seeking additional testing partners in the retail space. 

The Coupon Bureau is working with some of the largest retailers in the grocery and convenience store sectors to test connectivity and capabilities, finalize work flow, and compile recommendations for standards.  We are looking for additional retailers in the grocery, drug, mass and convenience verticals to partner with us for “in-lab” testing.

There are always benefits to being a first mover.  This particular project will change the way industry views and utilizes digital and printed coupons.  For test participants, the benefits could not be greater.


All test participants will have integral working knowledge of the new process as well as the capabilities it presents.  Retailer POS teams will already have base connectivity code to work from and refine to limit future integration time requirements.  Coupon Distributors will understand what product can be developed to maximize impact of this new technology with consumers.  Clearinghouses can begin understanding reporting capabilities presented by the Bureau and how these updates benefit their business.


Retailer, Clearinghouse, and Coupon Distributors test participants will be connected to the Bureau during the test.  Post-testing connectivity may have some minimal changes such as a different HTTP call out domain, but for all practical purposes, connectivity to the Bureau will be established through the test and those contributors will be prepared to accept, clear or produce “Bureau-ready” coupons.

Thought Leadership

Early adopters are always seen as thought leaders or pioneers in a space.  Manufacturers, retailers and eventually distributors and clearinghouses participating in these initial test initiatives will be regarded as innovators as the technology moves to the open market.


Partners in this testing activity will be contributing to the final architecture of the technology, specifications and best practices recommendations that will be shared with the industry as a result of this test.  In this way, participants are working together to shape the future of grocery coupons.

Contact us now to be added to the testing partner queue!


There are many ways to connect to The Coupon Bureau,  one of those methods for retailer connectivity is to associate through an Accelerator.  Accelerators are coupon or point-of-sale providers that have existing connections to their retailer clients’ POS.  Accelerators become the “bridge” between retail partners and The Coupon Bureau, simplifying the connection process for retailers that may not want to direct connect. 

By offering connectivity to The Coupon Bureau, Accelerators can provide a simple access point to their retailer clients and create a new product/service for their company.  Accelerators will assist the coupon ecosystem by speeding up the number of connected retailers and enabling mobile and single-use coupons in their locations.

We are currently accepting applications for FIVE Accelerator partners to participate in testing.


The Coupon Bureau Community is open to all members of the coupon ecosystem to participate as individuals or companies.  The Community forum is housed here on this site in a learning center format with a built-in knowledge base that can grow organically as submissions are made.  TCB also hosts open forum calls for the industry to hear updates, ask questions or make suggestions.  All submissions will be reviewed by TCB team members and the appropriate Advisory Council team. 

Thought Leadership

Early adopters are always seen as thought leaders or pioneers.  That thought leadership will be a key to success for The Coupon Bureau.  Since TCB supports all stakeholders in the ecosystem, it is critical that all stakeholder thoughts, initiatives, priorities, and perspectives are represented.


Community collaboration brings the best of the best ideas, innovation and suggestions to the forefront for The Coupon Bureau.  TCB looks to the Community members to drive conversation, ignite ideas and present opportunities for the organization to evaluate and support.


The Advisory Council teams synthesize the suggestions and questions from the Community into proposals to be taken to the Board of Governors.  Advisory Council teams represent various steps and components in the coupon process such as providers, distributors, security, etc.  Teams offer group representation from standards, associations and new and emerging technologies.  The Advisory Council’s Teams are the connection point between the industry and the Board of Governors, and a critical part of the management and oversight of The Coupon Bureau.

Advisory Councils

Retailer Council
Manufacturer Council
Future Innovation Council
Charitable Programs Council 

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