Mission Statement

The mission of The Coupon Bureau is to connect manufacturers, retailers and consumers through technology and community. This will be achieved by developing new technology, by supporting third party technologists, by deploying educational programs for industry stakeholders, and by giving back to the community.


As a non-profit corporation, TCB is governed by a Board of Governors. The company bylaws have establish the types of representation from the industry that make up the Board.  The intent is for these Directors to represent all critical stakeholders in the coupon process and to work together to guide the non-profit in areas of interest and protect the mission of TCB into the future.


TCB includes a series of Advisory Council Teams that report to the Board of Governors and create work product for the Bureau.  Board Members and staff participate in these councils, which are augmented with thought leaders from the industry.  TCB utilizes the unparalleled knowledge this collective team of experts brings to the space.

TCB is led by an industry representative Board of Governors.  This leadership protects the mission and vision of the organization.  TCB day-to-day activities are led by an Executive Director, the non-profit’s CEO, who directs the TCB team as they work together to execute the requirements necessary to complete the goals, tasks and vision of the Board.  Technology roadmaps, organizational planning, financial planning and charitable planning take place at Board level, and carried out by the TCB staff.


The Board of Directors, made up of industry representatives, establish the pricing structure and execute.  These funds give TCB the revenue required to maintain technology and servers, staff, technical support, integration support and industry training and education.  It is an unusual, but beneficial position for a non-profit to be built on a revenue generating business, as this will ensure the financial viability for TCB into the years ahead.

Relationship with Industry Associations

The TCB team works with members of ACP, JICC, FMI, GMA, CONEXXUS and GS1 US.  In the future, TCB intends to coordinate industry education with these groups, as well as support them in annual conferences, education materials, or even monetarily.  Each of these associations are critical to the coupon ecosystem and TCB hopes to facilitate conversation, technological advances and opportunity within each.


The Coupon Bureau is a non-profit corporation that owns The Coupon Bureau technology. The non-profit acts as a governing board to oversee the deployment of the tool to the industry and promote the adoption of the technology.


In 2016, the Joint Industry Coupon Committee (JICC), an industry group of retailers and manufacturers, decided to partner with the Association of Coupon Professionals (ACP) to create a task force that would research the issues of retailer agnostic mobile coupons and fraud prevention, and work to find a solution.

Step one of the solution: track these digital transactions at the most fundamental level, the Transaction Logs or T-logs.  In order to create a complete trail for these transactions, a new GS1 Application Identifier was created, AI8112.  When a retailer encounters a data string in the T-log that begins with an AI8112, it can be identified as a coupon that needs to be reconciled outside of the traditional paper scanning methodology by the clearinghouse. 

The JICC led task force recognized this fundamental solution was only the start of a technological challenge that required additional expertise to solve.  The task force determined that the following criteria be met by any proposed solution, including that it:

  • Does not require additional hardware for retailers
  • Does not increase lane times for retailers
  • Has to be secure and mitigate fraud
  • Needs to work with existing provider capabilities
  • Agnostic approach to all existing stakeholders

After exploring multiple proposals on potential solutions to meet the challenges at hand, the technology arm of the Committee worked to develop a product that met the above criteria and presented a working demo of the tool to the core task force in April, 2017 at the ACP conference.  That tool is what is now referred to as The Coupon Bureau.  It provides universal connectivity to a positive offer file thus supporting all stakeholders in the ecosystem, maintaining their current business models and enabling growth for them all.

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